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Instructions for this Public "Searchable WHOIS"

You may search for any of the following, DOMAINS, HOSTS (or HOST IP), REGISTRAR NAME (or IANA Number) CONTACT NAME (or CONTACT EMAIL).

Once you enter the desired search criteria we will search the registry for Exact and Partial matches in all of the categories. If you want to search for multiple values enter a space between them.

By way of example, if you enter "example" we will return results which show any exact or partial match for domains, contacts, name servers or registrars that contain the word "example". If you enter"example" [space] "email@domain.tld" (with either the OR and AND) option the result will show any objects in the registry that match the criteria.

Once the result of the query has been returned you may select any of the underlined hyper-linked objects to see it's details in the ICANN WHOIS format - followed by any linked objects if there are any. This public Searchable WHOIS limits the number of results displayed, accordingly you may have to fine-tune your query to narrow down the search until you find the object you are looking for.

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